My Experience at Bark Lake

Bark Lake Leadership and Conference CentreNew to the Highlands East community, I discovered Bark Lake Leadership and Conference Centre and was hired on as a member of the Housekeeping team in 2012. Only four months into my position I was given a golden opportunity to act as the Supervisor for the department and two years after that I became the Housekeeping Manager. Throughout that time, and the three years to follow, I not only had the opportunity to be an active member of the housekeeping team, but was also given the opportunity to work as a part of other departments’ teams. Whether it was helping serve food or doing the dishes in the kitchen, helping the maintenance team put up drywall or put down flooring, or taking part in program, facilitating activities or assisting with weddings, I loved being part of whatever was going on at Bark Lake. I have also had the opportunity to be part of the Health and Safety committee, allowing me to proactively be part of keeping Bark Lake a safe environment for all staff.

Through the busy and not so busy times, I feel honoured that I have been able to see Bark Lake from all perspectives. It is amazing to witness all the work that is put into a place and how all those actions, big and small, can come together to create such a successful atmosphere and business.

With my new position as the Special Events Coordinator and Housekeeping Manager, I am thrilled to be part of such a rapidly growing sector of Bark Lake. One of my first projects in this position was to create a wedding book that could be available in written format as well as online. I am excited that this book will get to show how beautiful Bark Lake is and that it provides people with the opportunity to celebrate one of the biggest days of their lives in a place like no other.

Bark Lake Leadership and Conference Centre has been a big part of my life for the past five years. I am excited to find out what else it has in store for me and to be able to give it my all, to add to its already impressive success.

Angie Grant,
Special Events Coordinator and Housekeeping Manager

4 thoughts on “My Experience at Bark Lake
  • Matt McGregor

    Every year I bring my Grade 8 classes to Bark Lake for our year-end trip and we are very appreciative of all the hard work that goes into making our experience memorable. We are grateful to the Kitchen and Housekeeping Staff who make us feel "right at home away from home". The Program Staff have always been accommodating to our needs and we look forward to our time this year…

    • Joe Fortin

      Thank you so much for coming up and visiting us again this year! It was great to you and your students up (and we were super-excited to see them enjoying the new basketball court). All the best, ~Joe

  • Brian Van Horn

    It's so funny that I came to Bark Lake for my Grade 8 year end trip in June 1973 and after all these years I'm returning for a family wedding in August 2017. I can hardly wait. Has the big lake centre finally grown together or still a challenge to get to the pole in the mucky centre? I learned how to right and refloat an overturned canoe there that…

    • Joe Fortin

      Thanks for sharing your story. Bark Lake as certainly made some changes in the last number of years, but at our core we will always be dedicated to making a positive impact on all our guests. When you are up for the wedding this year I suggest you take a moment to stop by Bark Lodge (the cabin next to the Doctor's Cabin); it has recently gone through an amazing…


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