Climbing to New Heights

This has been a year of many new and exciting things around Bark Lake. One of those being the new installation of the 3-sided Climbing Tower. For many years we have been looking to expand our Adventure Programming, so in partnership with Adventureworks! Associates Ltd and our management team our dreams and wishes came true…

Student ascends the climbing tower

A student climbing the tower.









Welcome to the new Escarpment Climbing Tower. It contains 3 sides. One side that features a nose element jutting out from the wall, one side with a concave section adding a new level of challenge and the final side contains a short climb up to a rappel platform.  We are pleased to be able to offer a variety of challenges to our clients whether it is ascending the wall or descending the wall!

One of three sides to the climbing tower Students receive instructions before climbing the tower


As the Challenge Course Supervisor I’m excited that we at Bark Lake are able to offer this new and challenging program to our clients. We are already aware of the benefits of outdoor play, but there are many benefits to a climbing tower in particular. It is an opportunity for participants to work on skill development by having a repeat experience, and trying not just once but multiple times to improve their climbing technique.

Some of the outcomes of climbing are an increase in physical strength, it also promotes a better sense of body awareness and an improved sense of balance. We are able to make the climbing tower accessible to a wide range of clients by manipulating the climbing routes to an appropriate level of challenge, while still allowing room to grow. After experiencing the climbing tower myself, and trying a couple of different routes, I can attest to the differing levels of challenge. With this, I will be able to empathize with the participants and aid them should they need it.

Along with the many physical benefits to climbing, there are also emotional benefits. Climbing will develop the participant’s determination, whether it is to finish the climb and get to the top or the ability to transfer the learning to be able to complete a project. It spurs on that desire to set goals that are attainable, and creates a safe environment where participants can coach and support each other. We have all seen the power of encouragement, and it is something that I am very familiar with when working with participants on the high ropes challenge course. With the climbing tower, it will be no different. There will be greater opportunities for students to coach and support each other as they climb to new heights.

The climbing tower is a place where we can create a sense of community. Climbers will motivate each other to participate and get excited when someone completes their goal. They will be there to cheer each other on as the try repeatedly and finally succeed at a difficult move, or offer support if the attempt doesn’t work. It is not about reaching the top, but about reaching your goals, or at the very least to try your best and have that experience of climbing. Having a sense of community within the group will help to create an environment of shared goals that will last much longer than the 2 hour climbing session.

Seamlessly built into our Climbing Tower program are many opportunities for personal development and community building. Are you ready to push your limits and step out of your comfort zone to reach new heights?

Sabrina Cook

Challenge Course Supervisor


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