Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award

Important Information

Duke of Ed Silver Award at Bark Lake Leadership and Conference Centre

What does the Silver Award entail?

The Duke of Edinburgh Award believes that not all learning happens in the classroom, where their aim is to help equip young Canadians aged 14-24 for success in life. By recognizing all of the amazing things young people can do and learn outside the boundaries of formal education, the Award empowers them to discover hidden talents, develop untapped leadership potential, make a difference in their community and explore the wonders of the great outdoors.

The personal journey to earn the Award requires young people to look beyond their comfort zone and tap in to their sense of discovery. Participants set and achieve personal goals in activities they want to experience and develop, making each Award a unique journey. Simply put, they design a blueprint to transform their lives and we support them each step of the way.

You must be at least 15 years old to begin Silver or have completed the Bronze level. This level has 4 sections. You must demonstrate an ongoing and consistent commitment in ServiceSkill and Physical Recreation for an average of 1 hour a week for 26 weeks. An additional 26 weeks on a section of your choice is required for Direct Entrants (participant who have not completed the Bronze level). The Adventurous Journey is 3 days and 2 nights. It takes a minimum of 26 weeks to achieve the Silver level for those who are Bronze Award holders or 52 weeks for those who go directly into Silver.

Duke of Edinburgh Silver Level Award at Bark Lake

Preliminary Training, Practice Journey & Qualifying Journey

 Season: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter

Duration: 5 days,4 nights

Working within the Duke of Edinburgh program guidelines; participants are challenged to lead their own out trip experience. In the silver program participants are held to higher expectations, and often have more prior knowledge of out-trip routine. Bark Lake Facilitators will work with the participants to review trip routine, route and menu planning as well as safety protocols and procedures, however on the trip itself participants are expected to lead the experience. Canoeing, hiking or snowshoeing participants will embark on an overnight practice journey to apply their skills before heading out on their adventurous Journey. On this journey participants will choose their own menu, route and ultimately create their own experience for a 2 night, 3 day expedition. This program meets the required guidelines to complete the Adventurous Journey portion of the Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award.

Adventurous Journey Requirements that can be covered at Bark Lake:

  • Team Building and Leadership Training
  • Cooking & Menu Planning
  • Route Planning
  • First Aid & Emergency Planning
  • Safety Precaution & Emergency Planning
  • Navigation: Map Reading, Compass Work
  • Necessary Equipment & How to Use it
  • Site Selection
  • Competency in the Mode of Travel
  • Other Expedition Training that is required

These requirements can customized to meet the needs of your group.

The Bark Lake Advantage

What could be better than taking your participants on an educational adventure and making memories which will last a lifetime?  Bark Lake’s 500 acres of Canadian wilderness and access to 2,000 acres of crown land, forests, marshes, and bogs; is the perfect backdrop for these memories to be made. Our comprehensive risk management plan, certified facilitators and campsite proximity to our main site, provide peace of mind while enjoying your camping experience at Bark Lake.


At the end of the day it’s important to have a place to rest. We have a wide range of options and prices to meet your needs. During your time here participants will be spending 2 nights on our site in one of our many accommodations and 3 nights at a campsite, sleeping in tents, on and off site.

Site Tours and Information Sessions

Don’t take our word for it; let Bark Lake speak for itself. We would love to give you a personal tour of our site, or come to you and explain why we are so passionate about this program. Please contact us to arrange a visit.

Explore the sections below for more information.

Year Round

Tamarack Cabins

Tamarack Cottage - Outside
Tamarack Cottage
Tamarack Lodge
Tamarack Dorm

Tamarack Dormitory (50 beds)

This newly renovated two storey dormitory has three bedrooms on the top floor and two on the lower, all furnished with bunk beds. Other amenities include air conditioning, a common room, and two washrooms with showers.

Tamarack Cottage

Nestled amongst a mature red pine forest, overlooking the lake, this three-bedroom cottage is suitable for chaperones supervising the Tamarack Section.  Features include a full kitchen, lounge area, and a three piece bathroom.  Two rooms contain one single and one double bed. A third bedroom contains two single beds.

Tamarack Lodge

This recently renovated space has three bedrooms with bunk beds and one room with a double bed. This lodge also includes a sitting room, washroom, and showers.  The lodge is ideal for a small group or in addition to a larger group staying in Tamarack Section.


Pine Cabins

Pine Cabins at Bark Lake Leadership Centre

Pine Cabins 1-3

These cabins feature three floors, connected by an open air stairway, each with their own bedroom containing three bunk beds per room.  Additional features include a washroom on the middle floor and a screened in porch on the lower.

When paired with the nearby Maple Section, you will be able to accommodate up to 96 participants.

Pine 4

This cabin overlooks the rest of the Pines, providing an ideal location for chaperones.  Amenities include four bedrooms with two sets of bunk beds per room, washroom facilities, and small sitting room.


Maple Cabins

Maple Cabins at Bark Lake Leadership Centre
Maple Cabin Interior

Maple Cabins 1-6

These six identical single-room cabins are well suited for both small and large groups looking to create a sense of community.  Each of the Maple cabins has seven single beds, and a small deck.  The newly constructed detached washroom and shower facilities are located nearby.

When paired with the nearby Pine Section, you will be able to accommodate up to 96 participants.

Maple Cottage (6 beds)

This three-bedroom cottage is ideal for chaperones wishing to give their students a bit of space in the Maple Section.  It includes a kitchen, lounge area, and three-piece bathroom.  Two bedrooms contain two single beds each.   A third bedroom features one single and one double bed.

Maple 7

This cozy cabin overlooks Maples 1-6.  It includes a sitting room, washroom, and two bedrooms.  One bedroom has two single beds and the other has a bunk bed.  This cabin is well-suited for chaperones wishing to be accessible to their students while at the same time giving them some space to grow as individuals.

Aspen Cabins (48 beds)

Aspen Cabins at Bark Lake Leadership Centre

These four cabins each feature a small sitting area, bathroom, and bunk bed accommodations.  Additionally, Aspen 3 and 4 feature a full kitchen.  These cabins include their own fire pit, activity field, and are the most private onsite.

Point Cottage (8 beds)

Point Cabins at Bark Lake Leadership Centre

This historic accommodation offers modern amenities with a classic rustic cabin charm.  Included in this cabin are four bedrooms, a sitting area, two washrooms, a kitchen, and a deck with a spectacular view of Bark Lake.


Year Round Meeting Places

Balsam Centre at Bark Lake Leadership Centre

This large meeting area makes a perfect classroom, studio, or workshop.  The bright open space, featuring hardwood floors and direct access to Balsam Middle, provides an ideal environment for learning and creating. This is one of the closest meeting areas to the dining hall.

Click here to check out our location map.

The dining hall at Bark Lake Leadership Centre

With a magnificent stone fireplace as its centrepiece, the Dining Hall has a northern charm that invites team building and adventure! This space boasts a captivating view of Bark Lake with large windows that flood the hall with natural light creating an ideal venue for workshops, keynote presentations, and activities.

Click here to check out our location map.

This versatile space can be used for a multitude of indoor activities.  Possibilities include presentations, rehearsals, and community building.    The two breakout rooms can be used by small groups to plan and discuss.  On warm and sunny days, the back deck can also be used as a meeting space.Amenities include washrooms, whiteboards, and a mounted LED screen.

Three Season Meeting Areas

This three-season building is well suited for a wide range of activities. Possibilities include, camp-crafts, trip preparation, or as a classroom space.  The covered deck allows students to learn and create outdoors, even when the weather isn’t cooperating.

The Pavilion at Bark Lake Leadership Centre

The Pavilion is the perfect outdoor classroom space, offering easy access to the Administration Office, the Balsam Centre, Dining Hall, and nearby washroom facilities. Used as both a program and recreational space; the Pavilion features built-in electrical outlets and lighting, enabling this space to be used throughout the day and into the evening.

Click here to check out our location map.

Year Round Meeting Places

A small field surrounded by forest, close to the Administration Building and washrooms.

Click here to check out our location map.

Located by the Aspen Section, it is an ideal location for winter programming, group activities, and field games.  Amenities include picnic tables and a fire pit.

Click here to check out our location map.

A mix of maples, poplars, and evergreens the Aspen Forest is an amazing space to allow for exploration and discovery.

Click here to check our our location map.

This sand beach located behind the Dining Hall is perfect for campfires or as a central meeting area.  Amenities include picnic tables, a grassy field, and a fire pit.  Limited Wi-Fi may be available.

Click here to check out our location map.

This open field beside the Dining Hall is an ideal location for introductory programs and lessons, initiatives, and active games.  Limited Wi-Fi may be available.

Click here to check out our location map.

This small point is a beautiful location ideal for group debriefs, wedding photos, or simply to watch the sun set.

Click here to check out our location map.

Mixed forests, bogs, and beaver dams await you along our trails.

This small field is located at the extreme southwest end of the lake and is accessible by either canoe or trail.  It is well suited for cookouts, small group activities, initiatives and reflections.

A large open field, across from the Oak Centre, that is ideal for active games and initiatives.

Second Beach at Bark Lake Leadership and Conference Centre

This large sandy beach with a shallow designated swim area is a perfect place to kick back and relax!  Amenities include volleyball court, outhouses, and a fire pit. If you require lifeguards, please make arrangements with Guest Services prior to your arrival at Bark Lake.

Click here to check out our location map.

The dining hall at Bark Lake Leadership and Conference Centre

During your stay our kitchen serves a variety of wholesome, nutritious, and tasty foods. Highlights include an amazing assortment of fresh vegetables, all you can eat salad bar, and hot entrees.

Prior to departing on their journey, participants will choose their meals and snacks from our out-trip cookbook; and will be encouraged to cook all of their own meals over the fire, in accordance with Duke of Edinburgh guidelines.

Examples of out-trip meals include but are not limited to:


  • Bark Lake Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  • Oatmeal


  • Trail Dogs
  • Tuna Melts
  • Bagels and Cream Cheese


  • Spaghetti and Garlic Bread
  • Chilli
  • Bark Personal Pizza


  • S’mores
  • Banana Boats
  • Popcorn

Breakdown of Meals during your visit

Day 1

Lunch – Dining Hall

Dinner – Dining Hall

Day 2

Breakfast – Dining Hall

Lunch –Trip Meal (chosen and prepared by group)

Dinner -Trip Meal (chosen and prepared by group)

Day 3

Breakfast – Trip Meal (chosen and prepared by group)

Lunch – Dining Hall

Dinner – Dining Hall

Day 4

Breakfast – Dining Hall

Lunch –Bagged Out-trip Lunch

Dinner –Trip Meal (chosen and prepared by group)

Day 5

Breakfast –Trip Meal (chosen and prepared by group)

Lunch –Trip Meal (chosen and prepared by group)

Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

In today’s world more and more people are coming to us with food-related allergies and/or dietary restrictions.  To ensure that our guests have an enjoyable time; we will do our best to provide food that is safe, tasty and nutritious.  But we need your help.

When completing your medical form please make sure that you have listed all of your allergies and/or dietary restrictions with as much detail as possible.  If you have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us in advance of your visit.

Bark Lake is a peanut controlled facility.


Prices and Rates


Five Days / Four Nights Package

  • 1 night of cabin accommodations with bedding and linens (excluding Oak Centre)
  • 3 nights of out-trip accommodations (tents)
  • Includes 4 breakfasts, 5 lunches, 4 dinners and 4 snacks
  • Highly trained and certified facilitation team to run your programming at a 5:1 ratio
  • Out trip gear provided (tents, sleeping bags, group gear etc.)
  • Includes canoe rental and camping permits
  • Program related equipment included
  • A souvenir and gift to commemorate your Bark Lake experience

Canoeing – $704.25+HST

Hiking/Snowshoeing – $684.25+HST

Alternative pricing packages are available, please contact Joy@barklake.com

  • At this time, we are only booking groups, schools, and organizations;  not on an individual participant basis.
  • A minimum of 10 participants are required to open our Kitchen for food services.
  • Prices are subject to change – book now to reserve the current price.
  • All prices subject to HST.
  • Prices do not include SOCAN or Re: Sound tariffs, if applicable.

A non-refundable deposit of 10% of your pre-tax quote or $500, whichever is greater, is required to confirm your reservation.

Please contact our Sales Coordinator for more information or to customize your Adventurous Journey.

Contact Us Today for More Information on the Duke of Edinburgh Programs

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